Tips For Odour Control At Festivals

Bad odour is a big turnoff, it makes an environment uninhabitable. Most people will not want to stay in an environment that smells bad. Unpleasant odours can occur indoors or outdoors. So, how do you undertake odour control at festivals? There are several tips to apply. 

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Determine the Cause of the Smell

Odour control at festivals starts with identifying the root cause of the smell. This will determine how you will deal with the odour.

• Bad odour can be caused by animals- dead or alive. Animals such as raccoons, rabbits, and squirrels can leave behind excrement. The body of a dead animal will produce an extremely powerful smell. Dog or cat urine that has accumulated over time will create a disgusting odour. 
• An unpleasant odour can be caused by food that has fallen between boards. Most festivals involve eating and drinking. Even a small amount of rotting food can create a bad odour.
• Some festivals involve smoking. Cigarette butts left behind will create a smoky and ashy smell that will get worse in humid weather.
• The root cause of the odour can be mould or mildew. These fungal infestations usually grow in damp conditions and can create an undesirable odour.

Not all odours are easy to identify. In some cases, detective work is needed. You might need to carefully such for the source of the odour using a flashlight.

Remove the Cause

After the cause of the odour has been identified, you need to remove it. The decaying material whether it is pet excrement, animal carcass, leftover food, or cigarette remains, should be removed.  You can use a grabber trowel or a shovel to remove it.

Treat the Area

After you dispose of the decomposing material, you need to treat the area where you found it. Treatment options will depend on what caused the odour.

• For dog urine, you can use homemade solutions such as baking soda or vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda all over the area. Baking soda works on concrete and also on natural ground. An alternative is mixing vinegar and water and spraying the mixture on the affected surface until the smell is gone.
• For mould and mildew, you might need to use a commercial odour eliminator. If that doesn't help, you have to call a professional. If there is mould damage, repairs are required. Moulds present serious health hazards; therefore, they need timely and effective removal. Some people are sensitive to particular types of moulds.

Routine Cleaning

You don't need to wait for an odour situation to get out of hand to undertake remedial action. Routine cleaning will ensure that an environment is always fresh. You should clean your indoors and outdoors every week.

Weakly spot cleaning can involve using vinegar and water. You can also use a power washer and commercial cleaning products.

The Bottom-Line

It is important to clean up after a festival. You might need to implement some odour removal strategies. Removing the odour is easy when you know the source. There are natural and artificial odour removal methods.